About us

Our Story

Black Cat Barbell is a small, female-led company aiming to bring high quality weightlifting and functional fitness gear to all!

The name comes from our love for black cats which are often perceived as the underdogs of the cat world, due to their association with bad luck. Here at Black Cat Barbell we believe that luck is the result of your efforts - no one has inherently bad luck as we make our own luck through hard work.


Our Aim

Our brand started as an idea during discussions amongst friends whilst on holiday. The weightlifting gear market and especially tape, sees massive margins with some tapes being as expensive as £7 / roll. 

Our aim is to bring high quality products in lower prices, making them more affordable to all.


Out Vision Forward

Whilst we are not 100% there yet when it comes to the low prices we envision, we aim to work in growing the brand and taking advantage economies of scale to lower our prices further.